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The ICE Viral Revolution

On 1st of June 2014 ICE Viral released a very special piece of Interactive Content.

The FIFA World Cup was but a couple of weeks away and ICE Viral was completely unknown as a brand. Six weeks later the industry realised that this special piece of content had changed the way interactive content should be created.

It was the single most successful release of content of any style in the history of sporting events. The metrics were staggering, the reach was astonishing & visitor engagement was measured not in seconds or minutes but hours.

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Content For Any Industry

We have been involved in digital marketing since 1997 when Google was still embryonic. The years have shown just how competitive the internet is and how difficult it has become to grab the attention of your target audience.

It is no good churning out page after page of written content then expecting people to engage and share this content. With millions of such pages released to the internet everyday you have to break through the noise and grab the attention of people.

This is particularly difficult for certain business genres, property, recruitment, betting and finance are among the most competitive businesses on the internet. Their problem is compounded by the fact that the content released is usually a quick turnoff for most people.

Interactive content changes this and breaks through the mediocrity and the bland, it grabs attention whilst inspiring others to do your content marketing for you.

Get Trusted Sources To Be Your Marketing Voice

If you create the right content then the marketing spread is implemented by trusted resources because they love what you have released. These resources have the same issues – their audience demands interesting content that they can absorb and interact with.
When we released our Famous World Cup Penalty Shootouts content we sent it to one single outlet, they loved it and published it and then it was picked up by another 10 leading internet resources. They also published it and this continued with what we call the ‘Ripple Effect’.

Before we knew it the content was being used in over 150 countries with hundreds of thousands of interactions. Some of these interactions lasted for 30 minutes – this is staggering brand exposure accumulating and compounding through days to months to years.

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