Interactive Content

A quick guide to Interactive Content

An introduction, how it works, and what’s in it for you.

What is Interactive Content?

Interactive Content is engaging, creative and exciting content.
Sometimes it’s a game, and in other cases it’s a tool, calculator, or interactive informational piece. It’s something relevant to your brand which people find useful, entertaining, or will otherwise engage with.

It’s content that’s inherently shareable. It’s something evergreen, which will continually bring value to you and your audience over time. Interactive Content lives on your website. This means that all of the benefits (including social engagement and earned links) come straight back to you, and not a third party.

What will it achieve?

The great thing about Interactive Content is that the objectives can change with every project based on your needs – for instance, you might want to generate leads, or you may just want brand exposure.

This said, every project sets out with the potential for these things;

  • Brand Exposure
  • Social Engagement
  • Natural, Earned Links
  • A knock-on effect on organic SEO rankings

We also have a platform which enables us to easily implement data-capture functionality. This allows you to expand your mailing lists and Twitter / Facebook remarketing lists. We bundle in access to this platform for free with every relevant Interactive Content project.

Where does the traffic come from?

We use a combination of three methods to drive people to the content;

  • Reaching out to Existing Audiences
    • We help you effectively utilise your existing channels to bring in traffic.
  • Breaking into New Audiences
    • We utilise an agreed budget to run targeted campaigns on Facebook / Twitter to bring in new and relevant social traffic.
  • Outreach to Influencers
    • Our outreach team reach out to relevant influencers (bloggers, social influencers and journalists for national / industry publications to name a few) to secure coverage for your content.

The effects of this approach compounds with follow-up content as you are expand your existing audience across social and by utilising remarketing.