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Content That Drives Social Interaction

The aim of content is simple – To get the attention of people and encourage them to spend time on your website, products and services which in turn also drives brand exposure.

Ten years ago this would take the form of written informative content and the more creative people would use images too. Today we live in a world where competition for peoples attention is at an all time high. We are all familiar with the Christmas run up where the big brands all fight for exposure with multi-million pound story led adverts.

With Google favouring big established brands your content will need to be something special to have any chance of mainstream visibility. This is where interactivity makes the difference content that people spend time engaging with means social sharing and social metrics.

Great content compels sharing activity, sharing through social media, email and facilities such as G+ but when it is noticed by online portals the success becomes epic. ICE Viral have enjoyed epic success where metrics and response ratchets at incredible speed.

Interactive Content That Engages People

The most successful content is interesting subject matter that is delivered in a way that stimulates the viewer but it also needs a purpose and a hook. Stimulation of the mind in a way that gets the attention of the person viewing it will result in prolonged engagement leaving the urge to share and vote through social signals.

Some of our interactive content gels video to graphics and information which has had spectacular results. With YouTube being the second largest search engine and now a regular second channel on most TV’s it makes sense to utilise video when opportunity presents itself.

Interactive code will ensure people click on different sectors, get answers to questions and perform tasks on their content journey.

The marketing of content is made so much easier when people love it, content that can be utilised through different internet channels will get the biggest exposure.

City Hop Quiz

It often makes us cringe when we see the cost of insurance related PPC advertising, it is supremely competitive and expensive. The City Hop Quiz connected with travelers who spent a considerable amount of time on the animated quiz.

Thousands of users used the quiz and flew around the virtual world before sharing their scores.

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Superbowl Quarterbacks

Released for the Superbowl and featured in many respected sports portals this was a great piece of interactive content. It connected with the US and we watched the spread across the globe through Google Analytics time lapse mapping. It was incredibly exciting watching the content spread.

We are just re-editing and relocating the Superbowl content page, it will be live soon.

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Famous World Cup Penalty Shootouts

This was amazing content released just two days before the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Viewed in over 150 countries in just 30 days, over 100,000 interactions and featured in worldwide press. This was the most successful sports content ever released.

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Leaders Property Rentals

This was a great release for the very competitive property rentals market. This is a perfect strategy because many letting agents struggle to get good PR online and this content bridged the gap.

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Video Content For Corporate Marketing

With YouTube gaining so much ground and becoming part of everyday entertainment it is vital to ensure that your content marketing includes brand promotion through video. There are two ways this is successful so a video is either a formal presentation or an informal presentation.

Formal presentations work very well with marketing activity such as paid social media advertising. This is where visitors engage in the video and then interact with the brand by visiting the website or the promotional page that the video links to. It is rare that this type of content to be widely shared without marketing however this type of marketing is the most cost effective paid advertising there is.

Informal video presentation can have great potential for being shared and getting the attention of a wider audience who can associate with the content. They love it, share it and with some marketing budget applied it can generate some really impressive results.

Here we have some of the great video content that was used in company marketing campaigns to great effect.

Intalyse Video Promotion

Intalyse Promotional Video – Created for launch and featuring a walk through of functionality. The video was designed to drive subscriptions to the software and get it featured in prominent software review websites.

The result was a multitude of subscriptions and some very positive reviews in trusted online tech resources.

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Cosignal Rescue Reconstruction

Cosignal had some high level service presentations and a couple of major ‘invite only’ corporate shows where they needed to make a significant impact on their audience. The audience included government agencies and blue chip corporations.

The theme was a dramatic rescue reconstruction that demonstrated how quickly the Cosignal solution mobilises and gets to a successful conclusion.

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Sports Nutrition Promotional Video

40k Unpaid Views

Sports Nutrition Direct

40k Unpaid Views

Sports Nutrition Direct – Arnold Schwarzenegger 90k Unpaid Views (Before Relocation)