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At ICE Viral we create fantastic videos, we also produce unique music and soundtracks for our videos, then we also have many years experience in marketing videos. Marketed correctly good videos should deliver lots of views and lots of interaction. If your video is not producing then talk to us about video production and marketing. Our soundtracks are produced in-house and we also ensure your videos are marketed.

There are huge advantages in using video production and marketing as a way of selling your products and services whilst at the same time getting highly visual brand promotion.

Two things most companies are not aware of firstly that driving paid traffic into a YouTube or Facebook video is far cheaper than running a Google Adwords campaign. Secondly that some videos are going to have momentum through their content which people will share through social engagement.

We have some fantastic successes where videos have reached 90k views without any paid advertising, imagine how these would perform with a moderate campaign?

Formal Video or Informal Video

There are two main types of video creation they are formal and informal and both are very effective.
Which one you use depends on what you are trying to achieve as well as your business type. Many formal businesses such as solicitors or professional bodies prefer to stick to a more formal informational approach.

Product selling businesses and those with a more creative side can benefit from an informal creative approach. Content can be created with a view to getting user engagement from the theme which may not be exclusively related to the business topic.

Additionally video can be used to break all language and cultural barriers with many of the most successful videos having little or no dialogue.

Examples of Formal Corporate Presentation Style Videos

Video for Cosignal – Video plus sound production plus marketing.
The first is a video that was created to provide a marketing strategy for corporate campaigns. Cosignal were a GPS tracking outfit, ICE created a number of videos that were used to great success. Company presentations at shows, featured advertising campaigns in social media and YouTube promotions were all marketing outlets.

Cosignal successfully gained a number of large contracts that were directly attributable to this video and the marketing activity.


Intalyse Video – This was a corporate promotional video. Soundtrack produced by ICE and the video ran with Youtube and Social Media marketing delivering signups and multiple trials with contact details.


Cosignal Rescue Reconstruction

Cosignal had some high level service presentations and a couple of major ‘invite only’ corporate shows where they needed to make a significant impact on their audience. The audience included government agencies and blue chip corporations.

The theme was a dramatic rescue reconstruction that demonstrated how quickly the Cosignal solution mobilises and gets to a successful conclusion.

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Intalyse Video Promotion

Intalyse Promotional Video – Created for launch and featuring a walk through of functionality. The video was designed to drive subscriptions to the software and get it featured in prominent software review websites.

The result was a multitude of subscriptions and some very positive reviews in trusted online tech resources.

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Successful Informal Video Productions

The advantage of an informal video production is that the video can be successful primarily through the content itself which can resonate without any marketing or promotion. Of course this means that the focus of the content is less likely to be specific to the business theme.

In the next videos you will see how the content can hit tens of thousands of views there is also a new video that is abstract in its theme and crosses all language barriers. The new video will take time to hit the high numbers because it is niche but there is already great benefit through raising the business profile through some low key association.

Videos That Connect Through Their Content

Here we have a video that already has over 40k of views, it is a simple but effective product selling video for Sports Nutrition Direct and features the Optimum Nutrition Brand. The product review has had no marketing whatsoever but is still gathering momentum.

This is huge brand exposure for both products and the company that is selling them.


The next video is a workout tutorial video that formed part of an interactive content piece, the interactive content featured famous bodybuilders and techniques used. This is one of a number of videos used for the interactive piece that is now at 40k views and still rising even though the interactive content has been decommissioned.


The next piece is a small budget creation that was released in May 2017 with no marketing. This video is very niche so it will be interesting to see its progress. The description and title was translated into many languages and the video still works well as it crosses the language barrier through its unique soundtrack.

Cute Pandas Playing

Here we have a new video that is getting some good early views considering it has had no marketing. The Panda video is important as an example that you can cross the language barrier with the right sort of video.

This was released in May 2017 as part of an animal themed video strategy to provide brand visibility for a celebrity cake maker.


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Jay Cutler Bodybuilding Video

Fantastic bodybuilding video featuring Jay Cutler and was one of a series of professional bodybuilding video productions. This video hit tens of thousands of views when it was part of an interactive content strategy.Bodybuilding video production

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